• Giovanni Amoroso

    Giovanni Amoroso

  • Ajaz Shah

    Ajaz Shah

    Freelancer aus Berlin. Themen: Energiewende, Digital Marketing, Finance, Crowdfunding, Bitcoin, Politik...

  • Ryan Patterson

    Ryan Patterson

  • Jon Rawlinson

    Jon Rawlinson


  • Stephen Eilers

    Stephen Eilers

    Seattle area Motion Designer, Presentation Designer, and Editor. Engaging your audience with visual storytelling.

  • Gino Rossi

    Gino Rossi

    #GrowFood #Bitcoin

  • Shan Lian

    Shan Lian

    I ship stuff at Shippo.

  • Coinapult


    Secure Bitcoin wallet, merchant service, and liquidity provider. Get your wallet at www.coinapult.com

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