5 Reasons Why Mike Morrice is the Best Choice in Kitchener Centre

We’re two days from the 43rd Canadian Federal Election and everyone is starting to make their final decisions. I’ve thought a lot about this over the last three months, talked directly with two candidates, and volunteered with one, so I thought I’d write down some of my own thinking in the hopes it can help inform others. I’m convinced that Mike Morrice is the best pick in our riding. Here’s five reasons why.

1. The race in Kitchener Centre is Green vs. Liberal

I’m a lifetime NDP voter, so when I was doing my own research I took a close look at their campaign in Kitchener. I was disappointed to learn that the federal NDP have completely written off this riding and invested almost no resources in winning it — they didn’t even open a full-time campaign office. I think this is because the party is strapped for cash this election and had to focus on a smaller number of ridings than normal. I understand and hope they do well in those ridings, but they aren’t going to win in Kitchener.

One of the only public polls for the riding taken much earlier in the election.

The Green Party on the other hand has put a huge amount of resources into Kitchener, and the Morrice campaign has been absolutely on fire. They started working in May, months before some parties even nominate a candidate, recruited an army of 300+ volunteers, and have knocked on 30,000+ doors (there’s about 45,000 housing units in Kitchener). The campaign office is a buzz every afternoon and evening with canvassers, phone callers, and greeters. Through sheer effort and dedication they bootstrapped themselves into second place as of the beginning of October. With all the work Mike, the staff, and volunteers are putting in I’d bet a lot of money they’ve closed most of the gap to the Liberals by now.

2. Mike is Awesome

But on the first day I went out with this campaign I could tell what was happening here was different. First of all, Mike himself came out with us. For most campaigns this would be a special, maybe once a week thing, or even just once in a whole campaign when the cameras are ready. But as I kept canvassing, Mike kept coming out, almost every day, doing the grunt work himself and introducing himself in-person to the riding. I’m told he personally has been knocking on 500 doors a week since May, and has worn through two pairs of shoes doing so. The dedication and work-ethic that shows is something I haven’t seen in a candidate before.

Just a few of the hundreds of KW locals who have gone out canvassing with Mike in person, or volunteered in other ways.

Another thing that struck me was, when Mike was at a door with us, it wasn’t a normal canvassing conversation, where you’re just trying to get that phone number or lawn sign. He was listening to people, genuinely and enthusiastically asking what issues were important to them, or what the challenges were in their life. Most of the time people found they had a lot of overlap with Mike’s ideas. In some cases they had some very real disagreements, but even in those conversations most people found they had more in common with Mike than different.

Beyond my own impressions, Mike has the right background and experience to represent us. He‘s lived in Kitchener since 2003. He went to Laurier for business, and has spent the last decade of his career on climate activism, founding Sustainable Waterloo Region in 2008, and Green Economy Canada in 2013.

3. Mike has the right priorities





4. Mike will represent Kitchener, not a federal party office

I don’t like this for a lot of reasons, but mostly I think MPs should be accountable first to their constituents, and only later to their party leader. It’s not hard for you or me to get our MP on the phone, or at least email them, to ask them to vote a certain way, or tell them about how some issue is affecting us. But how are any of us individually supposed to get Justin Trudeau on the phone? It’s impossible.

With the Green Party, MPs are responsible first to their constituents, and second to the party. This means that Mike decides how he votes, not Elizabeth May, and it means that we can get him on the phone, or find him at the office, and tell him how issues affect us. No other option in Kitchener Centre will put a person in Ottawa whose can truly represent you and me.

5. A green seat here can make an astronomical difference

This is really important to know in Kitchener centre, because for the first time ever, our riding could carry the balance of power in the federal government. I’m not overstating this. Mike himself could be the deciding vote on the biggest issues of the next decade, and while Liberal MPs take their orders from the party, you, me and everyone else in Kitchener Centre will be the ones who Mike listens to the most. That’s an incredible deal for us, and there’s simply no one else running in Kitchener Centre who can offer it to us.

Mike could be one of the most important MPs in the country, and we’re his only bosses.

So that’s why I’m supporting Mike Morrice in Kitchener Centre. I think he’s the best option, and it’s genuinely exciting that we could have someone like him representing us in Ottawa come November!

Thanks for reading, I hope this post helped you form your election-day decision at least a little bit. If you’re interested in learning more about Mike, check out his website, especially if you’d like to donate or volunteer. And as always, make sure you vote! You can find information about how to vote in Kitchener-Centre on this page from Elections Canada.

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